A society that does not work toward favouring well-being for everyone is an unjust and ineffective society. We need to understand that a mature society is a complete collective that includes people with functional diversity, as citizens with full rights.

The objective of this project is to work along with disabled persons to improve living conditions in particular, thereby favouring society as a whole.

At Defora, we want to promote equal opportunity, accessibility and inclusion. We tackle personal and social limitations and strengthen possibilities and improve people's interaction with their living environment to achieve total social inclusion. We are convinced that diversity enriches and dignifies humanity.

The Foundation's ultimate goal is to promote social inclusion and access to a normalised life. The resources that the Foundation offers are to act as a bridge to access a working position on the ordinary job market.

This is why, on one hand, we work with users of the Foundation, and on the other, on sensitising the company sector.


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