The people in charge of carrying out the Foundation's project share a series of values that provide cohesion for the entity:

Equality, solidarity, justice, honesty, commitment, constancy and effort.

Work and a construction spirit are always oriented toward adding together, toward rowing together to one same destination, each one from their working position, but all interconnected to create the common good.

The Foundation's ultimate goal is to promote social inclusion and access to a normalised life. The resources that the Foundation offers are to act as a bridge to access a working position on the ordinary job market.

This is why, on one hand, we work with users of the Foundation, and on the other, on sensitising the company sector.

Another one of the Foundation's goals is to safeguard the social rights of disabled people, offering information and orientation, as well as protection in situations when these rights are violated.

You can download the Foundation's complete mission and value statement here: here.




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