With the help of partners, we can ensure the future of this social project, take on new challenges and grow day by day.

The Foundation's current partners are the foundation upon which our social-professional inclusion project is based. However, we would like for this base to be ever larger and more solid, and this is why we invite all those who are interested to join the Foundation and give their part to this project.

The partner may make monthly contributions or one-time contributions. At this time, the project is focused on preparing footwear and complements to be sold later. This is not for profit; its sole purpose is to finance the project itself. Long-term, new projects will come about, so the partner may decide to which one they would like to contribute.

The partner's annual quota is 60 €. What is more, monthly contributions of 5€ - 10€ or 20€ may be made on a voluntary basis. In turn, they may also make one-time donations for whichever amount they desire.

To come form part of the Foundation's project, please contact as at the following email address:


Defora Fundación de la Comunitat Valenciana
Pd. Algoda PG-1 nr. 50 / Carretera de Matola | 03296 Elche-Alicante-Spain | Apdo. 536
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