I am enormously pleased to welcome you to the Foundation. With these words, I would like to briefly explain what our task and motivations are.

The Foundation came about within a social context where disabled persons have special hardships in living a life with conditions and opportunities the same as the rest, and therefore, in aspiring to a hopeful future.

Living these hardships at a personal level creates a deep feeling of affection and respect for diversity within oneself, reinforcing principles of social justice and responsibility. It motivates you to knock down barriers and to support people suffering from inequalities.  In short, it makes you take on a firm commitment to disability.

On a daily basis, my own children have to face the hardships brought about by prejudice and lack of awareness in their lives. Because of this, my mission as a mother is to encourage their autonomy, to teach them to be independent insofar as their possibilities allow, and to satisfy their ambition of having a normal life just like everybody else.

At the Foundation, we want to create appropriate conditions so that people with some sort of disability are included in society. The best way we know how to reach this goal is by means of a job. A remunerated position that allows them to increase their independence and to develop their capacities to the maximum: manual skills, creativity, emotions, etc. In short, to learn a trade and transfer this knowledge to the rest of society as an end product or service.

The purpose of the Foundation is to act as a joint-living, learning space where one can acquire useful tools to reach a life full of opportunities. A space that provides security and peace-of-mind to families, acting as an umbrella by offering support and the training necessary to tackle the everyday when we are no longer there.

The Foundation's ambition is to last over time, for its mark to remain over generations, guaranteeing for many families in this situation that their children will have a future created by their very own hands. A better future.

President of the Foundation



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